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Date Action Vessel £ Recipient Traced? Images
14th Oct,1803 Capture of French vessels off Cuba HMS Racoon 100 Cmdr. Austin Bissell Yes

23rd Mar,1804 Attack on French frigate L'Egyptienne, off Barbadoes HM Sloop Osprey 100 Capt. George Younghusband Yes

27th Mar,1804 Capture of French frigate L'Egyptienne HM Sloop Hippomenes 100 Capt. Conway Shipley Yes

31st Mar,1804 Capturing the Dutch brig Atalante in Vlie Roads HM Sloop Beaver 100 Capt. Charles Pelly Yes

31st Mar,1804 Capturing the Dutch brig Atalante in Vlie Roads HM Sloop Scorpion 100 Capt. George Nicholas Hardinge Yes

30th Apr,1804 Storming the Forts of Surinam 30th April 1804. Capture of Surinam 100 Lieut. James Arnold Yes

18th Sep,1804 Action with three French vessels whilst the Centurion on convoy duty in Vizagapatam Road HMS Centurion 100 Capt. James Lind Yes

4th Feb,1805 Action with two French frigates in Mediterranean HMS Acheron 100 Capt. Arthur Farquhar Yes

4th Feb,1805 Protecting a convoy - action with two French frigates in Mediterranean HM Sloop Arrow 100 Capt. Richard Budd Vincent Yes

14th Feb,1805 Capture of French frigate La Psyche off Vizagapatam HMS St Fiorenzo 100 Capt. Henry Lambert Yes

17th Feb,1805 Action against French frigate La Ville de Milan HMS Cleopatra 100 Capt. Sir Robert Bt. Laurie Yes

22nd Feb,1805 Defence of Dominica against attempted landing by French forces Defence of Dominica 100 Brig. Gen. George Prevost Yes

4th Jun,1805 Capturing forts and actions against enemy ships, Muros Bay HMS Loire 100 Capt. Frederick Lewis Maitland Yes

4th Nov,1805 Action off Ferrol HMS Courageux 100 Capt. Richard Lee Yes

4th Nov,1805 Action off Ferrol HMS Hero 100 Capt. The Hon. Alan Gardner Yes

4th Nov,1805 Action off Ferrol HMS Santa Margarita 100 Capt. Wilson Rathborne Yes

6th Apr,1806 Capture of French corvette La Tapageuse, River of Bordeaux HMS Pallas 100 Capt. Lord Thomas Cochrane Yes

4th Jul,1806 Battle of Maida, Calabria 23rd Dragoons 100 Lieut-Col James Moore Yes

4th Jul,1806 Destruction of Dutch brig Christian Elizabeth, Manado HM Sloop Harrier 100 Capt. Edward Thomas Troubridge Yes

4th Jul,1806 Destruction of Dutch brig Christian Elizabeth, Manado HMS Greyhound 100 Capt. Charles Elphinstone Yes

14th Aug,1806 Engagement with French privateer, off the Isle of Wight HM FB Phosphorus 100 Lieut. William James Hughes Yes

23rd Aug,1806 Attack on Moro castle, Cuba HMS Arethusa 100 Capt. Charles Brisbane Yes

18th Oct,1806 Action with Dutch ships, Batavia HMS Caroline 100 Capt. Peter Rainier Yes

1st Jan,1807 Capturing the Island of Curacao HMS Fisgard 100 Capt. William Bolton Yes

14th Feb,1807 Capture of French schooner Dauphin off Cape Raphael HMS Bacchante 100 Capt. James Richard Dacres Yes

21st Feb,1807 Destruction of fort at Samana HMS Mediator 100 Capt. William Furlong Wise Yes

7th Aug,1807 Attack on fort and capture of three vessels, Begu, Catalonia HMS Hydra 100 Capt. George Mundy Yes

8th Mar,1808 Capture of French frigate La Piedmontaise, Gulf of Manaar HMS St Fiorenzo 100 Lieut. William Dawson Yes

13th Mar,1808 Action with a Danish ship of war, coast of Norway HM Sloop Childers 100 Capt. William Henry Dillon Yes

3rd Jul,1810 Gallant action against a squadron of the enemy in the Bay of Naples HMS Spartan 100 Capt. Jahleel Brenton Yes Yes

10th May,1811 Loss of his left arm in the repulse of the enemy from Fort St Christoval Badojoz 17th Regt Foot (30th Regt) 100 Col. Charles Turner Yes























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